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Each student is faced with the task to write an essay.

This happens not only at school, but also in college and even at university. The level of complexity of these essays is different, but the principle of working with this task is almost always the same.

It all depends on the type of your essay and the topic. If you need to write a regular narrative essay, then you will have no problems. The theme can be anything. For example, a teacher may ask you to write something about how you spent the summer or tell about your best friend. The list of such simple topics also includes essays on what friendship, love, and so on are. In order to write such an essay, you do not need specific knowledge. You just need to write your thoughts on this topic.

If the topic of your essay is more complex, such as something about science or art, then you will have to prepare for writing an essay. You will have to learn a lot of specialized literature that will help you work with the topic of your essay. Literature and knowledge are needed so that you can express your opinion on a particular topic.

The scheme of the essay is always similar: introduction, main part and conclusion.

Many students cannot begin work on an essay because they do not understand how to write an essay beginning. From the beginning of the essay, that is, from the introduction, depends on how your essay will be appreciated by others and whether it will interest your reader. Therefore, it is very important to be able to write a good intro.

Let’s see what the main mistakes can be made when writing an introduction. First of all, do not try to start your essay with the results and phrases found: this is not a function that an effective introduction should have, an introduction should simply represent what will be discussed, it should not be surprising at any cost. You should also avoid clich├ęs and statements that are too vague or general in nature. In most cases, these things are known or too trivial, which the reader knows very well. Remember that the recipient of your text is not interested in reading what he already knows. Therefore, avoid generalizations and simplifications, including because they are always superfluous for the purposes of discourse, be it the defense of a thesis or just a description of a particular aspect of a broader topic.

Therefore, avoid too vague, too simplified or too general statements. Rather, a very effective criterion for understanding what to say in your introduction is this: if you are confronted with an aspect of the topic that you found particularly interesting in your research work on the subject or in the search for written sources, you can use it directly administered. By following these guidelines, you can write a great essay introduction and make your essay more unique. Or you can order a ready essay on the site by filling out a special form.

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