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Today, there are a huge number of articles and even books on how to write a quality essay.

In order to understand how to write an essay in 4 hours, you need to understand the structure and working principle of the essay. You do not need to read all the books and all the articles on the Internet; all you need to do is read the essay writing rules, which are provided below.

Internet pages that explain how to write an essay all more or less refer to the same rules that are extremely coded. Moreover, any of them will tell you that the structure of the composition is fundamental. A well-structured text consists of an introductory paragraph, a series of paragraphs in which the theme develops, and a final paragraph. The canonical rule provides for the exact number of paragraphs in which the topic should be developed: there should be three of them (and, of course, introductory and concluding paragraphs), but depending on the needs, their number may increase. The introduction serves to present the subject of speech, illustrates the problem and thesis that we want to support. In the paragraphs in which we will formulate the development of a theme, we will present arguments in support of our thesis or various points in which the theme of a narrative composition is formulated. Finally, the function of the conclusion is to summarize what was said in the previous paragraphs, and to summarize the thesis.

It is important to try to be as specific as possible, avoiding topics that are too general or simplified.

The composition rule requires each paragraph to match a single argument in support of the thesis. Each of these points (we said that there are three canonically, but maybe more) should be supported by a logical argument and paragraphs, as accurate and detailed as possible: they can be represented by quotes from sources, facts, data and statistics. The golden rule for effective text structuring is to consider possible questions or objections that a hypothetical reader can put forward. This is important for two reasons: firstly, because the arguments set forth in the discourse must always respond to these objections or doubts; Secondly, taking into account possible comments and arguments of a hypothetical reader can help you find the same topics for discussion. Therefore, when you do not know what to say or what to add to what has been said, try to consider all points of the question, and present for each possible arguments and counterarguments that can be formulated. Finally, remember that anything that does not actually support a thesis (especially trivial arguments and statements, general or too simplistic) is redundant, and therefore this should be excluded. With these simple rules you can write an essay on any topic in a few hours. But if you still do not fully understand what an essay is and how to work with this task correctly, you can order consultation from specialists who will help you learn how to write quality essays. Or you can order a ready-made essay on the site by filling out a special form.

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